A New Way to Browse PACER

DkT is a feature-rich, custom PACER and ECF client for iPads and iPhones.

Efficiently search dockets, bookmark and update dockets, view and save documents, manage logins, batch downloading, and more.

The Home Panel

PACER Username/Login
Optionally enter a client/matter
Recent Logins
Search PACER
Press and hold a search field to clear.
Select a Docket
(Will incur PACER charges)
View a Docket
Use two fingers to scroll to top or bottom. Press and hold a docket entry to expand text.
Filter Docket by Search Terms
Batch Download
Bookmark a Docket
Bookmarking a docket will save it to the device, allow offline access, and accessing the saved without cost. Bookmarked dockets can be updated for a minimsl PACER fee.
View Docket Entries
Use the top right icons to e-mail, save documents, and print.
View Bookmarks
Select the disk to load a saved copy of the docket (no cost).
Update Bookmarks
Select the calendar to update a bookmark (10 cents per page of updated entries).
Number indicates new docket entries. Check indicates docket is up to date.
Update All Bookmarks
Press and hold the bookmark tab.
Open previously saved documents at no cost
Create a Bundle
Press and hold a docket folder and select the pencil.
E-mail a Zip
Press and hold a docket folder and select the paper clip.
Open a Document
Select a document to open in DkT. Press and hold to open in another application.
Automatically Login
Automatically login as the most recent user.
Table of Contents
Add page numbers and a table of contents in exported docket bundles.
Reverse Docket Entries
Most recent entries will be listed first.